The Other World Power

In the troubled times in which we live, the concept of world peace may seem to be an unlikely outcome. If we feel we are powerless to achieve a positive influence on world conflict, we have in a way accepted that situation. This lack of power and lack of action (apathy) allow such conditions to continue unabated. Let us move from the subject of world peace to an easier global goal - world kindness. The world population comprises about 6 billion people. If each of those 6 billion people were to think that they could have a positive influence on enhancing world kindness, there is nothing that could prevent this from happening. Great power is generated when the citizens of the world band together in a common cause. This phenomina has been recently referred to as "the other world power." To create such an outcome, the following simple steps are required. Firstly, each person has to realise that they, as an individual, has within their grasp, the ability to have a positive influence on any negative condition. We are not powerless unless we choose to give our power away. After this truth is realised, what could we do to have a positive influence on world kindness? By arranging our lives to express the basic goodness of kindness. For example, to be more caring, loving, attentive, courteous, and so on, which are expressions of kindness. Also to smile, compliment, support, hug, etc. more often. There is also a need to check from time to time that positive values such as morality and ethics are being followed. As each one of us has the capability to do and be these things, all that is being asked is to remember to use them more often.

The requirements mentioned above do not involve high levels of education or money, nor are they conditional of age, religion, culture and so on - they are within the grasp of every human being. The only difference in what we ask is that you do these more often. You are not being asked to make a great sacrifice, just to be a little kinder. No doubt there are some who will find reasons, or perhaps I should say excuses, as to why they are unable to raise their level of kindness to even one more kind act per day. But I doubt such people would be interested in visiting this site, so you are obviously not one of these. We all know people who have chosen to act and react in a more kindly way than normal. We admire these people, they make us feel special and we enjoy being with them. It has also been scientifically proven that they enjoy greater psychological and physiological health than the norm, and their longevity is enhanced.

We give the following two examples to illustrate the benefits of kindness. In the book 'Meaning & Medicine', author Dr Larry Dossey tells us, "Altruism behaves like a miracle drug, and a strange one at that. It has beneficial effects on the person doing the helping; it benefits the person to whom the help is directed; and it can stimulate healthy responseses in persons at a distance who may view it only obliquely." Paul Pearsell writes in his book 'The Pleasure Prescription', "Modern research shows shows one of the most pleasurable of all human acts is also one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself and for others. Gentle, caring selflessness results in significant health benefits."

We should all be eager to be involved in such practises, for it is obvious there are great advantages in doing so. Why isn't this the case? Perhaps it's because few people know about the benefits. Kind and caring people are not only good to be around, they also feel good about themselves. Do you admire such people? I hope you said you did, because these people are good examples of someone who can help the world become a kinder place. They teach by example. The challenge is to have sufficient people acting as examples. Are you willing to accept the challenge?

When reading the next section, you will learn that almost 3 million people have joined organisations belonging to a world body promoting kindness. Three milion people sounds a rather large number, doesn't it? But with a world population of about 6 billion, it is a very small percentage. In fact it is only 0.05%. Not 5%, or even 0.5% (or half of one percent), but one twentieth of one percent. It's not really enough, is it? We need your help by making the decision to be a little kinder every day. As others witness your kind acts, some will decide to follow your example. And without consciously knowing, as you go about your days spreading kindness here and there, you will be converting others to a life of kindness and good health as they follow your example. We can think of no worthier cause. Embrace it, relish it!

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