Certificate of Kindness

This is one of the ideas developed by the Canadian Kindness Movement, who have given us permission to use the concept. Developed principally for use in schools, one copy is filled in and given to the child who has carried out the kind act, another copy is displayed on the wall of the class room. We provide the form for you to down load so it can be used as a master for photocopies, preferably on coloured paper. A guillotine or paper knife can be used to slice the A4 copy into two A5 certificates. You may wish to develop your own, personalised, certificate.

The certificates have, of course, other uses. For example, they can be filled in and handed out to members of the family, friends, work associates, bus and taxi drivers, shop assistants, and any person you come in contact with who has done something kind for you, or has been observed doing something kind for someone else. Recipients of these certificates are typically thrilled to receive them. A common response is, "Thank you! You’ve made my day!"

Certificate of Kindness



is hereby recognised for carrying out the following:



This act has helped to make our world a kinder and better place to live.

Observed by ___________________________


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Thought for the Day

"Let's live life with audacious dreams and big hearts". (Steve Jobs)

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